During the week of Oklahoma Business Week, participants not only gain exposure to college life and career options, but they are also taught the value of respect for others while building their own leadership style. Engaging in teamwork and working alongside business leaders (our Company Advisors), teens enhance their workforce readiness skills and build a stronger connection between school and work.  There will be $15,000 of scholarships given out to participants and the winning team will each be given a laptop. 

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East Central University is excited about offering Oklahoma Business Week Camp on their campus June 4 - June 8, 2017.   A volunteer mentor from the business community works with a small group of 10 students as their guide. As a team you will learn about business, have a blast, and compete in a simulated business challenge for major bragging rights. All of the programs are designed to engage teens in hands-on, experiential learning.
For further information contact: 
Dr. Stacey Bolin
Camp Director

Wendell Godwiin
Dean, School of Business

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